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Working with a expert social media manager ensures consistent, timely, and brand-focused content that has the right tone and reaches your ideal audiences. Dynamite Public Relations understands the nuances of each platform and creates unique and original content that speaks to local and niche audiences.

When you work with one of our social media specialists, we start by creating a strategic plan that is designed to answer one questions; when audiences see your social media content or think about your brand, what do you want them to think about? From there, we work on strengthening your reputation, engaging with and growing your audience, and reporting back to you with a specific analytics and measurements.

Medical, dental and psychology social media

We understand that social media can be a high-risk atmosphere and that there are specific rules that govern social media marketing in medical industries. When we work with dental, medical, psychology clinics and other trust-based businesses, we ensure all content is gathered from reputable sources only. We know your clients are connecting with you and your brand because they want for accurate and truthful information.

Culinary Social Media

The culinary industry is competitive. Restaurants, cafes and culinary brands need to be top of mind and tantalize clients with great online customer service and video and pictures that make guests walk through the doors, but few small business owners have the time to film, edit, and post content. Our senior social media specialist has more than 15 years of experience in social media and brand communications, along with decades of experience in Alberta’s culinary industry as a restaurateur. Dynamite Public Relations has worked with a broad range of culinary brands from popular Edmonton cafes, to national fast-causal brands, and international Michelin-starred restaurant brands.

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