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Whether you need help publicizing a conference, or a long-term communications strategy that connects funders and the public to your mission, we’ll make sure your non-profit has top-tier communications.

Canadian non-profits face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to communications. To grow and gain stable funding, non-profits need to tell a compelling story about what the organization does, and the impact it is having in the community. 

Funders, governance boards, the public, the media, employees, governments, volunteers, and supporters all expect frequent communication that makes them feel part of the organization’s mission, but few charities or non-profit organizations have the resources to be able to provide frequent and professional communication.

Working with a public relations agency allows non-profits to be strategic with their resources. Whether it’s managing social media accounts so that timely information and impactful stories reach the ideal audience, crafting a press release that gets media attention for a fundraising event, or creating a unique annual review that weaves a compelling story and explains the importance of continued financial support, working with a public relations agency can help non-profit agencies and charities to grow and maintain stable funding and support.

Non-profit training in Edmonton and across Alberta:

Dynamite Public Relations has more than two decades of experience working with local and international non-profit organizations.

We offer several training workshop designed to improve employees, volunteers, and board communications skills.

On and off-site group training is available.

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Group Communications Training

  • Half-day and full-day media training.
  • Social media and content creation.
  • Impactful storytelling for non-profits.
  • Mastering stakeholder presentations: how to get donors, funders, and supporters to connect with your organization’s mission.
  • Crisis communications: strategies for managing and responding to a crisis
  • Government relations and advocacy.
  • How to write an attention getting press release
  • Basic email and anti-fraud security.

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