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Most people think a media interview is a chance to answer a journalist’s questions. In reality, an interview is an opportunity to answer questions in a way that builds and protects your brand’s reputation. It’s about telling a compelling story in a way that not only answers questions, it makes you and your brand stand out and be seen as industry leaders.

Dynamite Public Relations has trained thousands of individuals including executive directors, boards of directors, political candidates and elected officials to prepare for and be in control of media interviews. Our clients learn how to handle a variety of situations from typical one-on-one interviews to hostile press conferences and crisis management scenarios.

We offer fully customized:

  • Half-day media training workshops
  • Full-day media training workshops
  • Issue management and crisis communications workshops
  • One-on-one interview prep

Dynamite Public Relations media training workshop will teach you:

  • How to work with the media cycle to maximize coverage
  • How to speak in sound bites
  • How to create powerful key messages and talking point
  • How social media and traditional media can boost your brand
  • What to wear on camera

You’ll also learn: 

  • How to deal with hostile questions
  • How to bridge from a reporter’s questions to your talking points
  • The ‘tricks’ reporters use
  • Effective crisis control measures

Each of our training sessions includes:

  • On-camera practice interviews
  • A detailed media training manual
  • Hands-on practice throughout the workshop

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